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Elegi, a millionaire’s meal back in the days
20 oct. 2016 - SamoaObserver.

Peleiupu Soifuaga still smiles.

At 89 years old, her life is one well lived.

Originally from the village of Patamea, Savai’i, she now resides at Vaitele-Uta.

Over the years, she has seen so much change in Samoa.

“Every time I think back to my young days in my village, Vaipapa, I get shocked by how much has actually changed,” she said.

“My husband, children and I all grew up there and I would take care of the family and the children’s schooling using coconuts.

“Even though the money I would make from the coconuts was small, it was still alright because the goods from the stores were cheap back then.

“Even though we didn’t have any chicken for meals, if we were able to get some tin fish for dinner then we are seen as a millionaire family.”