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Samoa breweries/drinkwater
Vailima Breweries

Samoa Breweries Limited began operation in 1978, as a joint venture between the Government of Samoa and a German company Haase Braurei.

Initially produced only Vailima Beer and a range of inhouse soft drinks.

In 1982, it acquired the franchise for bottling San Miguel Beer. This association ceased in 1990.
In 1984, it acquired the franchise to bottle Coca Cola and allied brands like Fanta Orange, Sprite and Mello Yello. This association continues.
In 1991, it began bottling EKU Bavaria beer under licence to Erste Kulmbacher Actienbrauerei AG.

>> Visit here the website of Vailima Breweries
Le VAi
A growing concern about the unclean state of Samoa’s water combined with a gap in the purified water market prompted Fatima Strickland to establish Le Vai Ltd.The company first open its doors in November 1994, with seven staff supplying a handful of customers with small second hand water coolers and water bottles.
Within weeks, public demand for purified water had increased dramatically.

By February 1995, Le Vai’s business had expanded to three times its original size.

Today, Le Vai supplies over 1000 customers in the retail and government sectors as well as private households with purified drinking water.

Le Vai’s dedicated team of more than 20 staff are committed to providing the highest quality water product and the most efficient, reliable and friendly service.
Since we’ve got our foot in the door, we’ve been flat-stick

>> Visit here the website of Le Vai