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Connecting Samoa to Family, Friends and the World. We provide the following types of connection to the SamoaTel network. If you would like more information on any of the connection types listed here, please visit the website.

>> Visit the website of SamoaTel
Samoa Technologies Inc.
We provide the the voice and data link between Samoa and the world through our Samoasat unit
We connect Samoa to the Internet Backbone through our Satellite systems
We provide Mobile Communications and Paging Service to Samoa
We provide news and music to Samoa through our Premier FM radio station, KSBS-FM 92 - world distance record holder for FMDX broadcast from Pago Pago to Australia!

>> Click here to visit the website of Samoatech
American Samoa Telecom
Making the distance not as great!

>> Visit the website of Samoa telecom
Call Samoa
We spent many years researching different calling plans, calling cards and dial-around (10-10-xxx) services to find the lowest rates for people calling from the US mainland, Hawaii or American Samoa. We are confident that you won't be able to find lower rates for calls between Samoa and the US

>> Visit the website of CallSamoa
Samoa Multimedia Group Ltd.
SMG is a media and communication company that specialises in media communications to all the Samoan communities through its radio, print and internet media.

>> Visit here the website of SMG