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Kayak Samoa
Sea Kayaking Adventure in Samoa, tours for beginners as well as experts

Kayaking in Samoa does not require kayaking experience. Our regular tours are suitable for the novice paddler who enjoys the beauty of the Samoan nature more than the physical excercise. We try to avoid paddling against the wind and go beyond the reef only at calm conditions. A moderate fitness level is recommended but you don't have to be an athlete. We spend about 2-4 hours in the kayak per day.

A Kayak adventure in Samoa is more than just kayaking. Besides kayaking you'll enjoy swimming in warm turquoise lagoons, beach combing, snorkelling, relaxing or whatever pleases you.

Kayaking is easy to learn; your guide will give you instructions before the tour and make sure you feel safe and find a comfortsble paddle technique.

Our single kayaks are sea kayaks of modern style, stable and easy to paddle also for the beginner. Our double kayaks are usually the best alternative for families with kids. The kayaks are equipped with foot controlled rudders and have water tight compartments for cameras and clothes.

>> Go here to the official site of Kayak Samoa