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Samoa Surfing

Surf spots: Tel nr;
Maninoa Surf Camp Maninoa 73 085
Salani Surf Resort Salani 41 069
Sa'Moana Resort Lefaga 71 460
Savaii Surfaris Asau 58 248

Come to Samoa for some of the best breaks in the Pacific.
How does this sound? Crystal clear warm water, thirty degrees (85F), board shorts and surfing with a handful of people and plenty of barrels for everyone.
There’s nothing much better than hooting as your buddy tucks into a South Pacific cavern; just a few moments after you’ve kicked out of a wave of your own. Makes it seem like a tough life as you paddle back out to the line up with the hugest grin on your mug ready for yet another ride. The real world and your problems completely forgotten, as you lose yourself in paradise.
At the end of an exhausting day in the surf relax in a hammocks and daydream in whist sipping on a cocktail or a cold bottle of Samoa’s very own gold medal winning beer- Vailima.
On this site you will find a number of companies that offering dive-holidays on samoa. So check it out!!