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Trip to Samoa 2003
This is a traveljourney to Samoa in 2003 by Tori a member of the
Niumata family!

On the 10th of December my husband was very kind to give me a 2 week holiday away from the busy and stressful life of Sydney.

My destination???my beautiful home, SAMOA. My trip started with lovely smiles from the girls of the Polynesian Airlines Crew, a delicious meal, the latest movies music and of course the company of my little 6 year old daughter.

Surprisingly the actual trip there seemed shorter. We arrived in Faleolo at 11.30pm and it was nice and cool and you could just smell the fresh tropical air everywhere. At that very moment the worries of Sydney were quickly forgotten and I was ready to be in HOLIDAY MODE!

Grandma welcomed us with a nice Faalifu Ulu (breadfruit with coconut cream)Kale Moa (curried chicken)Roast Pork (samoan style)and my favourite Chop Suey. The whole family was up and waiting for stories and of course goodies.

The first week was battling the heat and the mosquitos but after that I felt at home again like the old days. My first shock was the so many buildings and the too many cars for the small roads...when I was on the road there was always bad traffic. My old home was soon to be demolished as it is now surrounded by too many stores. I was in tears when I went back after moving out all the furniture all that was left were the dull looking walls...still can't believe it that after living in town all that time we have finally moved.

The rest of our holiday was spent checking out a few eateries and bars and surprisingly it was GREAT...the waiters were very professional and friendly and people everywhere spoke english loudly and no longer embarrassed to do so like back then.

Saw a lot of old friends some have changed and moved on and some still the same when I left. People in Samoa drink heaps and yes they know how to party aye...I guess the drinking part is from the heat and the partying well Samoans just know how to get their groove on.

The music there is of the latest selection, the movies are way better than Sydney and the fashion is the same ...that's if you can afford it...Pantry food is very expensive like cereals and spices and stuff but I guess it works out the same considering the rate of the Australian Currency.

Christmas is MASSIVE in Samoa...almost every family have lights outside with a nativity set. The parishes get together for carols almost every night from the first week leading up to xmas eve. Kids are not fussed about whether they get a present or not for xmas. The average child will be more than happy just to recieve a water pistol and a ball ...shocking aye.

Being in Samoa has made me appreciate alot of things in my life.

No offence but I have tried to keep this page in simple english or should I say very casual so our elder ones can read it without being confused.

A big thank you to my parents in SAMOA for giving us the best time ever...and to Grandma for the wise words and lastly to my best friend Daniella and her husband Henry for everything...God Bless