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(Photo; The always smiling people from Samoa, Lufilufi)

My name is Pete Ville and first of all I would like thank the people of because they gave me this opportunity to tell my own traveljourney.

At the right you will see the sliding rocks!

I went in the year of 2004 to Samoa and stayed there for three weeks. This was the best holiday ever and really a lifetime experience! We arrived late in the evening at the airport of Samoa and when we passed all the controllers I felt right away home because of the singers and dancers that welcomed us. Picked up by a cab and brought us to hotel Kitano Tusitala. We stayed there for about 7 days and it was a very good Hotel. Breakfast and dinners were good and compliments for the swimming pool and the friendly staff working there! The Hotel is a bit expensive comparing other hotels with the same facilities but its worth it!

We hired a car and were very mobile all the time. We drove to different villages in Samoa. We passed by the village LufiLufi and decided to stop having a drink. Every time when people came to you and asking where you from I was telling the story all over again, never mind. Some people say that the Samoans are the most friendly people, and I agree its lovely to experienced that. Always smiling and waving! Only watch out for the dogs! So entering villages is not a good idea! (Unless you from it) We went to some typically places to be in Samoa. The first one is Papaseea sliding rocks! These naturally shaped rocks are a real nice experience. You can glide of it, a bit freaky and scary but once you did it you will go over and over again! Real cool! We went the same day to the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum! Very interesting and you can join a tour were you will be guided to the old house were Robert actually lived. Its also possible to climb the mountain where the famous writer is been buried. There are two ways for it one fast way and a short one. Because Samoa excists of two Islands we also went to Savaii! We saw there the blowholes also very beautiful to see and the lava fields! Very interesting. During our stay in Savaii we slept at Stevenson at Manase! We had beach fales at the front of the beach including airc, hot and cold water and even diner served at your own beachfale! very good service thus! Specially thanks to the waitress Foga! Thank you for being so friendly! The last day we stayed at a hotel near the warf in Savaii (I actually forgot the name of the hotel) This hotel was simple but everything you need was there! To communicate in Samoa there are several internetcafes. So you can often mail to your family!

To make an end of this traveljourney I would like to thank some people that making my holiday a real life time experience! Foga Leveau in Savaii! Aleni Sagato joining me to the Cinemas! The family Sagato, and Alfred Fishing Charters for a dangerous ride on the big ocean! The fish was very nice bytheway! And everybody I forgot to mention! I also include some pictures enjoy! TOFA SOIFUA

The ferry brought us to Savaii
The great Hotel Kitano Tusitala
Sliding Rocks a must go place