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General tourist information
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Hi There! If you have plans coming to Samoa there are some things you need to visit!
- Visit the Papase'ea Sliding Rocks! This naturally shaped rocks are not only beautiful to see but you also could glide of it! And thats real cool!
- Some Hotels in Samoa are worth visiting like Hotel Kitano Tusitala and Hotel Aggie Greys!
-There are some exciting tours in Samoa we join the tour of Alfreds Fishing Charters. That was amazing! Info and reservations can be done at Aggie Greys!
-Dont need to be worried to communicate with the your home because in Samoa are different very good internet cafes.
-Savai is also worth a visit, then you need to go to the blowholes and lava fields and the Hotel/resort Stevenson at manase. Very friendly people and good services!
In Samoa are enough banks, ATM machines and internetcafes!
Be aware that a sunday in Samoa is totally different than you maybe used to. So respect the locals is very important.
Enjoy your stay! Thats all I can say!

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Pete Ville