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The sights
Mt. Alava provides stunning views of the harbour which is the steep sided crater of an ancient volcano, the seaward side of which has collapsed to allow the sea to enter and form the mouth of the harbour.

Jean P. Haydon Museum of American Samoa, a national historic building that formerly housed the United States Navy Commisary during World War 2, was officially dedicated by famous anthropologist Margaret Mead, author of the controversial book “Coming of Age in Samoa”.

Afono Pass, which winds from one side of Tutuila to the other, offers seven scenic points from which to view the incredibly beautiful Pago Pago harbour.

You can visit Tutuila’s newly established National Park over the mountains from Pago Pago, and on the Manu’a Islands of Ta’u and Ofu. Pay a visit and you will experience paradise. The tropical rainforest, world-class diving areas, world class hiking trails and Manu’a’s historic sites, will make you feel like a native of Samoa’s culture and fa’a Samoan way of life.