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About the Islands of Samoa
CLIMATE Pleasant, tropical, approximately 32ºC year round. CLOTHING Casual, lava lava are ideal. On Sundays people wear white to church. No bathing suits in public places. Short shorts are frown... More
Located on the Westerly end of the Samoan Archipelago, it is halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. Samoa consists of a chain of 14 volcanic islands located 600 km east of Fiji at 13º to 14ºS lat... More
Capital city and Major Centers
Samoa (previously known as Western Samoa) is a Polynesian country formed of two large volcanic islands (Upolu and Savai'i) totaling 2935km². The highest point is Mount Silisili (1858m) on Savai'i. Ca... More
These Islands were first settled about 3,000 years ago and are accepted as the heart of the Polynesian culture. Samoa is discovered by the Dutchman Jacob van Roggeveen in 1722 and named by him the Baa... More
Beautiful fauna and flora are found on both islands. Savaii particularly, has lush tropical rainforests housing many fascinating and exotic bird species. Several conservation organisations in Sweden... More
You can visit Robert Louis Stevenson’s home in Apia, now a magnificent museum, the Tiavi Falls, the O Le Pupu Pu’e National Park where birdwatching is a pleasurable pastime and Papaseea, where mother ... More
Getting around
The two large Samoan islands have more than 1,800 kilometres of road. In Apia there are taxis and rental cars available and driving is on the right side of the road. The first traffic lights in Samoa ... More
Food and Entertainment
The main hotels have dining rooms and Samoan feasts or ‘Fiafia Nights’ are held at these hotels on a weekly basis. Entertainment includes traditional singing and dancing. There are also several bars, ... More
Shopping guide
A wide variety of artefacts made by Samoan families for their personal use are also sold to visitors because of the beauty and quality of the craftsmanship. Siapo (tapa) cloth made from the mulberry b... More