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About the Islands of Samoa
Pleasant, tropical, approximately 32șC year round.

CLOTHING Casual, lava lava are ideal. On Sundays people wear white to church. No bathing suits in public places. Short shorts are frowned upon in the villages.

TIME ZONE GMT minus 11 hours or AEST minus 21 hours.

ELECTRICITY 240 volts AC/50 cycles.

TIPPING Not compulsory, but you can give a gift for excellent service.

VISAS & HEALTH Visa not required if you have an onward ticket. Visitors are permitted entry for a stay of up to 30 days. Departure tax of SAT$30.

The Samoan Flag
The cruise in the flag of the south stands for oceania. It is also in the flags of New Zealand and Australia.

Red stands for courage, white for purity and blue for freedom.
The American Samoan Flag.
In his left claw is an orator's "fly-flap". This is a functional object (used to shoo flies away) which has become the symbol of a "talking chief", one of the ranks of Samoan nobles. In his right claw is what looks like a dance-paddle, a form of club used in dancing.

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