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Located on the Westerly end of the Samoan Archipelago, it is halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand.

Samoa consists of a chain of 14 volcanic islands located 600 km east of Fiji at 13º to 14ºS latitude and 168º to 171ºW longitude (Whistler 1980). The Western Samoan islands of Savai’i and ‘Upolu make up 90 percent of the archipelagos’ land area and are separated from

Samoa’s enviroment is pristine and its natural wonders include waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes and miles of beaches. The islands have a living culture, fa’a Samoa, (the Samoan Way), that centres around the family unit and love and respect for all.

The famous Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson brought his family to live on Upolu in 1890 and built a large home in the foothills above Apia, where he spent the last five years of his life. He was affectionately known as ‘Tusitala’, the story teller and he is buried on the crest of Mt Vaea. His home and tomb within the Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial Reserve can still be seen today.