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Beautiful fauna and flora are found on both islands. Savaii particularly, has lush tropical rainforests housing many fascinating and exotic bird species. Several conservation organisations in Sweden and the US have provided funding to ensure the rainforests at Tafua and Falealupo on Savaii are conserved.

You can explore a mangrove conservation area by traditional canoe or just walk along our nature trails listening to all the local legends, learning about Samoa's efforts to protect sites of natural and cultural significance and glimpsing some of our outstanding hardwood trees, native medicinal plants and hidden waterfalls.

Samoa is a young volcanic island, so young that the extinct volcanic peaks of Upolu Island have yet to be eroded and those on Savai'i are still growing. The last eruption was in 1911! With over 300 volcanoes, 6000 foot mountains and unique rainforest, mangrove and marine ecosystems, this is a truly beautiful environment to explore.