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Fa'a Samoa: Samoan Way
Samoa Observer. april 2001. A to B: 'People would love to know how we do it here in Samoa.' B to A: 'Why do they do it different elsewhere?' A to B: 'I have heard it is done differently ... More
The Samoan social structure
Village life evolves around the home for women, and the plantation or sea for men. School education is not considered of great importance, and although most children do go to school, it very often fin... More
The People
Samoans are the largest group of full blooded Polynesians in the world and have retained much of their ancient tradition and culture. Traditional tattooing is an intricate ancient art of Samoa and you... More
Social Conventions
Even more than their American Samoan neighbours, Samoans adhere to traditional moral and religious codes of behaviour. According to the Government, the Samoan is the purest surviving Polynesian type, ... More
The interior of a Samoan home is conceived and constructed according to an age-old traditional design, under the supervision of an experienced tufuga, or carpenter. The timbers are generally pou... More