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Fa'a Samoa: Samoan Way
Samoa Observer. april 2001.

A to B: 'People would love to know how we do it here in Samoa.'

B to A: 'Why do they do it different elsewhere?'

A to B: 'I have heard it is done differently everywhere'

B to A: I didn't think it could be done any other way, that's just not right '

A to B: 'Not right, are we talking about same thing, what are you talking about?

B to A: 'You know, everything. If it is not done the SAMOAN WAY it's not been done!"

Fa'a Samoa: Samoan Way
Traditional Polynesian culture

Very important are:
- family
- Christian values
- hierarchy
- discipline

Many children in family, everybody lives in family groups.

Traditional customs (songs, dances) well alive.

Relatives abroad as well as media introducing Western values and lifestyle