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Designed by Dre.Corp as an evolving project to introduce Island businesses and entrepreneurs to E-commerce Websites. We are taking baby steps in accomplishing this goal, and are very confident in its ... More
Like most services/businesses, was created from a need. That need came from wanting research on the Polynesian Market or a list of Polynesian services/businesses, as there was no obvi... More
Send Money Pacific presents a new website,, to help you find the cheapest, easiest way to send money from Australia and New Zealand back to Samoa and other Pacific countries a... More
Your Official LFS (Le Fale Samoa) Writer. We keep it about the people and write on all events, life stories of Samoans in Australia, the good and the bad, fun and serious - so Regulators! Mount up! LO... More
Samoa.Ws (
Samoa.WS is Samoa’s leading Internet Service Provider (ISP). Samoa.Ws is Samoa's very own 100% locally owned Internet Service Provider (ISP). We offer Dialup and Wireless Broadband solutions to give y... More
Aloha Polynesia Society
We offer service in the field of: polynesian culture, products of the Pacific, Polynesian massage, Polynesian dance show, event management and reports about events concerning the oceanic culture of... More
Dr. Rod Ewin's Pacific Anthropology Page
Rod Ewins lives in Tasmania, Australia. For biographical information and details of Rod's art practice and writing click below. More
Manu Samoa Blog
:: Talofa & Welcome to Manu Samoa Rugby Blog This space is dedicated to the Manu Samoa. The pride of all Samoans... More
London Fale
Promoting the Pacific Island and New Zealand, arts, crafts, cultures, and businesses within the UK community and abroad! More
EZETOP. send credit to mobiles back home
Service for Samoans around the world with Digicel Samoa. People anywhere in the world can send phone credit/top-ups back to their family in Samoa from our website More
Troppo fishing adventures
Go fishing with TROPPO! More
Government of Samoa!
Government of Samoa! More

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Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa in Alaska
We welcome you to the Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa in Alaska #3 - SATAURO OLE MANUMALO web site. We welcome you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. We ... More
The Samoa encyclopedia!
The Samoa encyclopedia. All interesting facts about Samoa! More
Voices of Polynesian Islanders in Alaska
Procure a Polynesian Center which will be a permanent home base for the members of the Voices of Polynesian Islanders in Alaska. The center will house the outreach activities focusing on counseling fo... More
Talofa and welcome to
Faleo'o Satire, Parody, Spoof & Goodtimes Talofa and welcome to - the portal that brings you closer to the looney side of life, brought to you by fools who have too much spare time o... More
Tafesilafa'i, Inc
Tafesilafa'i, Inc. is dedicated to preserving the Samoan culture and art among the Samoan Americans in Southern California. More
Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa in Alaska
We welcome you to the Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa in Alaska #3 - SATAURO OLE MANUMALO web site. We welcome you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. We ... More
Talofa Lava! Tavita Uelese AMOSA
O le Faamoemoe o lenei Upegatafailagi(website) ia faaaogaina auala televavave faanei onapo, upegafesootai(internet) e momoli atu ai measina a Samoa tau i le gagana ma le More
WHO IS THE ASSOCIATION FOR? ULIMASAO is for all educators from ECE to Tertiary, and communities who have strong beliefs in the importance of; First Language Literacy, Language Maintenance and Bala... More
Samoa Tourism Authority
Welcome to the treasure islands of the South Pacific! This site will inform you about Samoa! More
Local Islands - Resource Guide to Island Life.
Web Directory of island living, business, travel and vacations. Including tropical islands in Caribbean, the South Pacific, Asia, North and South America, Europe, Africa and Indian Ocean and more... More
Manu'a's Off-Island Connection - An online community for descendants and business friends of American Samoa around the world. More
Pago Pago!
All about American Samoa More
Polynesian Cultural Center More
Southpacific Organizer
Samoa travel with author David Stanley More
Teines of the Net
Teines of the Net promotes Polynesia females and their websites, whether it's personal or business! More
A site for Melanesiers, Micronesiers, and Polynesiers! More
Efty66's family and friends
Well, lets see, where do I start... Im kind of a hard case person, I like to talk... I like to laugh... I was born and bred in good old Auckland, New Zealand. I have been living here in Sydney, Aus... More
Sacred Center Tattoos
Ancient Polynesian design using todays techniques More
Jonathan Lemalu
The Pacific jewel of opera! More
Family Site; Tauti Family
Welcome to the Tauti family website More
Family site; Sooalo-Mao-Toleafoa-Fosi-Ulufale-Unutoa Site
Talofa! Welcome to our web site. As is customary in Samoan culture, the village chiefs have gathered to greet you, our guest, as you enter our site. Enjoy your visit and please let us know what we c... More