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Coral Reef
Most of the coastline in Samoa is fringed by coral reef that sustain an ecosytem with a complex food chain. Coral reefs are complex, biologically diverse ecosystems. Countless studies, books and papers have been devoted to exploring and understanding the nature of these unique marine environments. These four essays discuss some of the most important aspects of coral reefs. Many of their physical and biological characteristics are discussed in detail. Coral reef threats, both natural and anthropogenic, also are explored.

What are Coral Reefs

It provides an anatomical overview and notes unique cellular characteristics of these organisms. Major structural forms are discussed, as well as the range of environmental conditions necessary for reef survival. Geographic distribution and diversity of major reefs in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans is discussed, as well as the Darwinian theory of atoll formation. The major biogeographic zones of typical reef systems are described.

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